Social Media Marketing!

Let’s be specific. First you must get the Message from your Audience!

They are On Line, so you must pick your Channels & Communicate to Them.


Now it’s time to work:

-In Which Channels are they Playing On?

Maybe in Offline channels, so Traditional Marketing must be in your strategy, like

Newspapers, Radio, Word of mouth (can be online or offline), Flyers, Trade shows,

Brochures or/and some other programme.

On Line Channels

You must have a clear Goal Website with Content, Blog. Maybe you should start thinking the multichannel Blogging on Web. SEO optimized Websites is your priority. Be responsive in Mobile.  

Remember that your audience/customer doesn’t just use one channel.  So, neither should you. Your channels should work together for the best results.

Let’s see some tips and advices.

#1: Define Goals & Objectives

Goals – what are you trying to get people to do?

Your main goals are likely:

-Engaging your current audience,

-Reaching a new #audience

#2: Segment your Target Audience

Create a “person” for the type of person you want to reach

-How old are they?

-What are their lives like?

-Where do they live?

-What else do they do for fun?

-What social networks are they on?

-What value would they get from what you do?

#3: Select your Channels

Be wise about choosing channels – only take on what you can maintain.

It’s ok to experiment with new channels but don’t expect immediate results!

Send similar messages on different channels that complement each other.

You must also known that Social media is for…


-Supported by On Line tools.

The important think in Social Media is

-The real people who use it,

-And their social interactions.

It’s all about C’s anyway,







The Rules are simple and you must keep in mind that Social Media is for




#Community, and

Listen to your Market Place !


Are You Ready for Social Media?

Are you ready to handle negativity?

How will you measure the results?

How long are you willing to give it a try?